If you need electrical laboratory in Usinsk (Komi Republic), you’ve come to the right place! Our “NMA” Ltd. provides services in the field of electrical measurements of equipment and high-voltage networks. We have in stock has its own electrical laboratory equipped with all the modern facilities, and our staff is composed of qualified professionals. We guarantee full quality testing and inspection of all grounding devices.

Testing of electrical devices necessary in the following situations:

1. Prior to installation – it reveals a fault that may have occurred during transport.

2. During the operation – regular checks will enable timely calculate your system performance.

3. If electrical measurements Electrotechnical Laboratory conducts a comprehensive diagnosis switchboard, open and concealed wiring in the presence of an excess voltage at the electrical panel.

List of works:

  • Inspection of electrical wiring and electrical equipment.
  • Measurement of grounding.
  • Measurements of insulation resistance.
  • Measurement of resistance “phase-zero”.
  • Diagnosis of the RCD.
  • Check circuit breakers.
  • Resistance measurement of grounding devices.
  • Measurements of the metal connection and touch voltage.

Types of measurements

  • Preventive

The measurements help identify defective or do not comply with the SAE and PTEEP electrical equipment. With these studies, virtually eliminating the risk of electrical fires and the occurrence of accidents due to faulty wiring.

  • Recurrent

Mandatory holding resistance measurement of grounding devices, insulation and networks, which is dictated by the requirements of inspection supervisors. Electromeasurements periodicity depends on the power plant, its operational characteristics and regulations.

  • Acceptance

Conducted immediately after the step of electrical work. On the basis of these electrical measurements constitute a technical report, which is put in a folder with the general documentation for the equipment.

We in the electrical measurement laboratory “NMA” You can order an audit of electrical devices, laboratory testing, installation and dismantling of electrical equipment. We provide comprehensive, one-time, periodic, targeted, preventive and acceptance electro at the best price. To place an order or to clarify information of interest can be the contact phone number.


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