“NefteMontazhAvtomatika” – an engineering company in the design, supply organization, installation, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of commercial and industrial use. Human and technical potential of the company allows us to solve complex problems with the delivery of object “turnkey”, as well as connect to the project at any stage. In particular, it is limited to the dismantling or assembly, repair and commissioning of electrical equipment.

NMA Ltd. will provide your facility stable power supply, the maximum operational capacity for the long term!

Installation and dismantling of electrical equipment

The company carries out installation and dismantling of electrical equipment, the admission regulations, permits interconnection facilities and other necessary technical documentation. In particular, NMA specialists, lead removal and installation:

  • automatic air circuit breakers up to 1000 A and above;
  • switches, including explosion-proof;
  • power, high-voltage, control cables;
  • heating cable;
  • terminals and couplings;
  • power transformers in open areas;
  • cabinets;
  • magnetic actuators;
  • switchboard equipment;
  • input switching;
  • boxes with knife switches;
  • fixtures, including in explosion-proof housings.

Профессиональный монтаж электрооборудования предполагает подключение и предпусковое испытание поставленных систем.


Electrical commissioning

The complex of works on electrical completes commissioning, which is conducted in accordance with the requirements of SNIP, electrical codes. Realization of the commissioning process is provided by:

  • guarantee compliance with the actual characteristics of the equipment specified in the passport (instructions) of the article;
  • the output parameters of the design capacity;
  • coordinated work of the whole system, as well as sub-assemblies.

Commissioning is carried out after electrical installation is fully completed. The documentary result of the test, testing, tool settings is to issue a formal opinion on the suitability of sites and the beginning of operation in normal mode.


Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

Technical equipment and staffing of IA Ltd., licensed for this type of activity allow you to perform effective diagnosis and repair of electrical equipment, including without stopping production. Works are carried out with the preparation of the plan of works and use of mobile equipment. If required by the end of the repair is carried out start-up and adjustment.

Engineering company offers several programs for the maintenance of electrical systems, including a full technical audit.


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